Improve Job Seeker Performance

Get Strategic!

The most important challenge job seekers face today is conducting a strategic job search. SnagPad's a tool that enables career professionals and the job seekers they support to learn about and manage job search activity in a visual and strategic way.

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Visibility for you & your job seekers

  • insight


    Turn real-time job seeker activity into actionable information for faster, smarter practitioner assistance.

  • experience

    Job Seeker Experience

    Provide job seeker learning and strategy tools that are research based and lead to greater performance.

  • efficiency


    Minimize gaps between face-to-face meetings, using real-time data accessed from your desktop.

Making the Job Search Visual

Job seekers turn job opportunities into intelligent job cards that they manage on their SnagPad.
  • learning


    Two self-paced courses teach strategic job search and social capital development

  • profile wizard

    Clarity & Focus

    Determine the ideal job & associated Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • create job card

    Find Job Opportunities

    Both online/offline & turn into Powerful Job Cards

    Organize & Manage job opportunities on your pad.

    See all job details

    Create & save contacts

    Keep notes

    Create tasks

    Store resumes/cover letters

  • slide 4

    Job Cards

    Serve as a "virtual coach" - providing strategies, tips and assistance at each stage of the job search process.

    This strategy shows how SnagPad links a job seeker's Facebook and Linkedin accounts to reveal who they can reach in their network who is assoicated with a particular employer they are considering.

  • badges

    Only SnagPad

    Has tools to connect to & reveal the hidden job market

    Has game mechanics to direct behavior that keeps engagement

  • caseload profile

    SnagPad gives visibility

    Get real-time job seeker activity

    Connect with client's online

    View client resumes/cover letters and give feedback right away

    Quickly identify challenges impacting the job seeker

    Generate metrics that help determine best course of action

The SnagPad Process

  • gather


    Collect on and off line job leads and bring them to SnagPad

  • strater


    Complete strategies to increase likelihood of an interview

  • apply


    Apply to the job via the ATS or using an email directly sent from SnagPad

  • manage


    Manage and track all job opportunities on the Pad

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Coaches benefit from…

  • seek

    Job Seeker Analytics

    With SnagPad you'll have all the information necessary to provide targeted support based on actual job seeker search activity.

    The job seeker enters the data, which you use to help them. What could be more simple?

  • Staying Connected

    SnagPad increases engagement and communication between coach and job seeker through notes, messaging and chat.

    Coaches can be proactive by viewing actual job search data and by receiving system generated notifications and reminders.

  • manage

    Case Management

    Coaching job seekers when they are in front of you is easy – but what happens when they are on their own? What are they doing and does it align with your direction and advice?

    No other tool provides such insight to "See" all of their client’s job search activity.

SnagPad was built for..

  • Solo Coach

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    • Unlimited Job Seekers
    • One Coach Account
    • Online Courses
  • Higher Education

    Starting at $500 Call
    • Unlimited Students
    • Unlimited Coach Accounts
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  • Outplacement

    Starting at $625
    • (For 25 Job Seekers)
    • Unlimited Coach Accounts
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    • Online Courses
  • Workforce Development/ Assistance

    • Unlimited Job Seekers
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    • Online Courses
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