How it works


    For your Clients & Students

    Turn real-time job seeker activity into actionable information for faster, smarter assistance.


    For Coaches

    Turn real-time job seeker activity into actionable information for faster, smarter assistance.


    For Organizations

    Turn real-time job seeker activity into actionable information for faster, smarter assistance.

  • Learn

    Users take a self-paced course on job search management and social capital development. Each course has eight modules and allows users to start and stop based on their schedule. Integrated workbooks and question and answer modules provide interaction to keep learners motivated and engaged. Every student or client needs to learn this material. SnagPad does it easily and effectively without added organizational resources. Some say SnagPad is worth it just for its learning modules.

  • Conduct a parallel career search

    Most job seekers tend to focus on a single ideal job title/type, limiting and often prolonging their search. That “ideal” job may not be realistic based on the job seeker’s experience or conditions in the job market. Therefore, they may pass or not even seek out other jobs that ultimately may make them more competitive or help find them work faster. SnagPad helps you and your clients/students identify both their ideal job – (Job A) as well as any other job (Job B) they can take that strategically makes them more competitive for that Job A. The end result is a more strategic job search that leads to a job faster!

  • Job Cards™

    Job opportunities are converted into powerful Job Cards™ in SnagPad. Every aspect of managing a job opportunity is embedded within that Job Card™, such as: notes, contacts, documents, coach comments, job details, job posting URL, strategies and more. Discover Linkedin™ and Facebook™ connections associated with each Job Card™.

  • Manage the “Pad”

    We know clients and students complain about keeping track of their job opportunities and all of the follow up steps involved. Most adopt home-made methods to: stay organized, proactive and on task. SnagPad is a point and click tool that organizes the entire job search. Job Cards™ that reside on a client’s “Pad” are moved step by step through the job search process, while the SnagPad system records and stores all relevant information and sends reminder notifications to them and their coach when applicable. Spend more time strategizing and searching and less time wondering where things are at.

  • Strategize

    Conducting a strategic job search is critical to finding the right job that addresses a client’s goals and builds toward making them competitive and qualified for the job they ultimately desire. Being strategic involves:

    • Being educated on conducting a strategic job search
    • Documenting the criteria for taking a particular job
    • Understanding and documenting skills, knowledge and ability possessed for an ideal job
    • Being focused and having clarity while selecting job opportunities
    • Following strategies to improve one’s odds of obtaining interviews and job offers
  • Network

    How well do your students or clients remind their network that they are looking for a job? With SnagPad they can invite people from their network to receive a weekly email sharing with them their job search activity. Perhaps the next time their network sees their update they'll be able to refer a specific organizational contact, suggest another job or company that is hiring. SnagPad keeps student and client job search activity top of mind with their contacts.

  • Invite Job seekers

    As a coach or counselor all you have to do is enter a client or student name and email address and an account will be created for them. Or upload a csv file in bulk. Now you'll be able to see exactly what they're doing and how you can help them, all from the comfort of your computer.

  • Coach better

    With SnagPad you'll have all the information necessary to provide targeted support based on actual client and student job search activity. The job seeker enters the data, which you use to help them. What could be more simple?

  • Communicate better

    With a coach account on SnagPad you will be able to communicate with your clients/students in three simple ways; 1) comment via a job card, 2) push an email message to one or all in your case load, 3) use real-time chat to strategize with each individual.

  • Set up coaches

    Coaches can easily be added to SnagPad. As a result, all data collected from the coaches caseload can be aggregated to get a ‘Big Picture’ look at how all clients/students are performing. Further, you can compare metrics between coaches to readily identify top performers who may be able to share best practices.

  • Bulletin board

    The bulletin board allows your partner organizations to post Job Cards™ to SnagPad. Whether they are targeting a specific coach or client/student, the flexibility to disseminate job postings to the bulletin board is simple and flexible.

  • Monitor results

    SnagPad generates reports and the overall performance of clients/students. This allows a snapshot into what practices are effective and what areas need improvement. Take the guess work out of programming and access data that is real time that can help determine what is required for faster placements.

  • Training & service delivery platform

    SnagPad provides continuity and consistency across all locations, coaches and clients/students. This common process can help improve placements, which has a direct impact on service satisfaction. SnagPad serves as a training tool for new coaches and clients/students alike.