What is SnagPad

SnagPad is a learning and management job search platform that motivates individuals to look for work as well as help manage job leads throughout the process. By bringing job leads to SnagPad, strategizing and then applying, the likelihood of getting a job increases.

SnagPad is

A learning platform

Job seekers are taught how to do a job – not how to find a job. Whether you serve job seekers who are new to the process (like students) or are experienced workers who find themselves in the job market, the first step for your staff is to educate how to conduct a job search. From identifying a “Job A” to strategizing before applying there’s a way of doing it the right way. Let SnagPad guide the way.

SnagPad teaches job search via two online self paced courses and via our process using a virtual job coach approach.

An organizational & management tool

Job seekers need to be organized and document their job search – especially those collecting unemployment. If they don’t, it’s nearly impossible for your staff to provide effective and efficient coaching and guidance. SnagPad seamlessly records and stores all critical job search information in one location that is visible to your staff. Home-made Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or scratch pads are no longer needed.

A job support network

Most people will find their next job through network connections – not online job postings. Yet, it is nearly impossible to stay top of mind with network connections and keep them abreast of your job search activity. That’s why SnagPad created SnagCast. It’s a weekly digest that goes to a private network that job seekers establish within SnagPad. SnagCast reminds “supporters” of the ideal job they desire, job opportunities of interest and companies they are interested in. If your agency creates accountability groups, this is the perfect tool to connect each member with automated updates and interaction.

A virtual job coach

Not everyone can have a job coach with years of experience who is able to apply research findings to the job search effort – or be available 24/7 while they work on their search. At least not until SnagPad. Strategies, challenges and embedded videos teach critical job search techniques throughout every step of the job search process. No need to worry when clients leave your office – SnagPad’s got you – and your client’s covered.

A game

Games are fun – but job search isn’t. Until now! SnagPad turns the job search process into a game by providing rewards and encouragement to follow specific behaviors that have been proven to drive results. Remaining motivated throughout the job search is the key to success and game elements can help not only Millennials but people of all ages. Whether a job seeker is computer savvy or a novice, SnagPad game elements make the process motivating, intuitive and yes, Fun!

SnagPad is (for coaches)

Case management tool

Coaching job seekers when they are in front of you is easy – but what happens when they are on their own? What are they doing and does it align with your direction and advice? SnagPad provides visibility into the job seeker’s real time job search activity. No other tool provides coaches such insight to “see” all of their job seekers in one snapshot. Work more efficiently and effectively with job seekers, using SnagPad.

Consistent process/methodology

Job search is a complicated process, but one that needs to be repeated in order to see results. SnagPad is a research proven methodology that guides and educates job seekers. That process serves both the job seeker and coaches who may be supporting them. SnagPad is the digital representation of its founder’s extensive research, hands-on and academic experience in human resource development and career management.

Communication tool

SnagPad increases engagement and communication between coach and client through notes, messaging and chat. Coaches can be proactive by viewing actual job search data and by receiving system generated notifications and reminders when job seekers conduct critical activity.

SnagPad is (for organizations)

Data aggregation tool

Imagine if you had access to data on your job seekers that showed:

  • How many job opportunities they found and where they came from
  • How many job opportunities they apply to
  • How many they gain interviews and subsequently job offers from
  • How much time it takes between each step
  • What employers those job opportunities are, what industry, what size, what location And more!

Job development platform

SnagPad provides a means for employers to post jobs to a bulletin board that makes job opportunities available to both coaches and job seekers. Intake jobs, share with coaches, push to job seekers.

Job Search Research Advisors

Dr. Bogdan Yamkovenko, Townsen University
Dr. Adam Kanar, Brock University
Dr. Laura Guerrero, The University of Texas at El Paso
Job search is not an easy or enjoyable task for most people. It’s a complex, unstructured, often draining process that usually leads to sub-optimal outcomes for job seekers, their families, companies, and even the labor market. The problem is the process and the incomplete tools people are given to conquer the daunting task of finding work.

Fortunately, there is a science to job search, and Snagpad is an innovative platform that is able to leverage this and provide a complete job search management system. It’s the tool we’ve been waiting for to help the unemployed find work. It is inevitable that technology-based job search will continue to head in this direction and, as more and more people continue to adopt this approach, expect to see efficient, effective, and enjoyable job searches become the norm. 

Dr. Adam Kanar, Brock University