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You want SnagPad to...

  • Help you Get a job
  • Improve job search networking
  • Have job search tips
  • Be your job coach
  • Organize your job search
  • Provide job search help
  • Be your job search tool
  • Learn how to job search
  • Learn job search strategies
  • Get your ideal job
  • Teach social capital
  • Reveal job opportunities
  • Help you get an interview

SnagPad helps you find your ideal job faster

  • Teach

    You'll learn how to job search and network effectively.

  • Focus

    Follow a parallel search, which yields more relevant job opportunities and a faster path to employment.

  • Organize

    Stay organized and on top of every aspect for the best job search.

  • Network

    Easily leverage your network to find relevant job opportunities for you.

SnagPad has your job search covered with features galore

  • strategy


    Before you apply SnagPad suggests strategies that can increase your chances of getting an interview. It's like your own virtual coach.

  • network


    SnagCast is your own network tool that keeps your contacts informed of your job search and allows them to suggest job leads for you.

  • Calendar


    The SnagPad calendar keeps you up-to-date on what needs to get done and when. Tasks, notes and reminders make sure you never miss an important date.

  • Tracking


    SnagPad keeps track of all your online and offline job opportunities. Access your "Pad" anywhere. Compare your resume text to the job posting to improve chances of an interview.

SnagPad's your Swiss Army job search tool

snagscan Don’t guess what keywords should be included in your resume - SnagPad tells you by scanning the job opportunities you bring back to your pad.
snagscan Job postings become intelligent job cards that store: notes, tasks, contacts, documents, job details and more!
snagscan Stores your tasks, application deadlines interviews and other reminders.
snagscan Invite your trusted network to “support” your job search so you stay top of mind with them and they help to reveal hidden job opportunities, which are the best ones out there!
snagscan Provide weekly tasks that keeps you on target for getting a job. Go you!
snagscan The core of SnagPad – is the Pad, which provides visual tracking of all your job leads.
snagscan Earn badges as you discover SnagPad and all that it can do to help you find a job. Job search just became fun!
snagscan Surf the internet and turn any job posting into a job card, that saves to your Pad, right from your browser.
snagscan Connect your account to LinkedIn and Facebook to see who in your network is connected to job opportunities you’ve brought back to your Pad.
snagscan Learning modules that provides research based strategies to conduct a strategic and effective job search.
snagscan Look for online job leads in one place – SnagPad. Search jobs from indeed, LinkedIn and Career Builder in one view.
snagscan Research based strategies and tactics that help you get interviews.

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